Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to work

We finally got back to work as a team this past weekend. Over the holidays Blake worked on the trailer solo while spending some time up in College Station with his family. He was able to get the gooseneck painted, the brakes completely finished and working. So now the trailer is fully haulable with brakes, safety chains and the breakaway kit. The only issue that has surfaced is that there is a slight delay in the braking system. Come to find out it is pretty common when you have an electric over hydraulic actuators. Makes sense that it takes a little time for a pump to build enough pressure to engage the disc calipers. Since the rest of us had other plans over the holidays Blake was on is his own so needless to say we didn't get too much done. After the holidays Blake pulled the trailer down to Humble and parked it at Eric's house.

The next step in our trailer's construction was to frame it in and start getting it ready to finish out. So Blake and I got the baseplates in and bolted down onto the trailer cab, and put the studs up and framed around the awning.

We will finish out the framing and then start to run electrical, stereo wire, TV cable, etc. It is definitely starting to come together!



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