Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Team Member and More Progress!

So more than a few weeks ago we added a new member to the tailgating team, but I have been a slacker about putting something up on the blog. Our buddy Sean who pretty much recruited us all to work for Hess from A&M decided that he wanted in on the seemingly never ending project. Although he now lives in London we are hoping that he will get to catch at least a game or two this year and then eventually head back stateside. Even though his current contribution is more monetary in nature than physical work, we are all glad to have him join up and will certainly put him to work when he re-joins civilization.

It had been tough as of late for all of us to get together lately to put some time in on the trailer. I had to be offshore a few times, Eric had been busy wrapping his work up for the North Dakota group so it pretty much left Blake on a solo mission for a week or two. He made some good progress, most notably getting some paneling on the walls and getting them stained. Here is a picture of when the paneling first made it up.

After realizing that I had a few days to spend working on the trailer I decided to take the trailer over to my parents house in Winnie and have my dad share some of his woodworking expertise with us and get some of the cabinetry figured out. After getting my uncle to haul the trailer over we set out to find some tin to use for the interior ceiling. It turned out that the local lumber yard had some old tin that had never been used but had dulled and corroded a bit and they let us have quite a bit of it at no charge. So we put up some of the tin and then started working on the cabinets. We made quite a bit of progress and things went pretty smoothly, it certainly helps having a more experienced woodworker around to get trim work done! Here is what we got done:


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