Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cabinets are done

So after a weekend of working on getting the cabinets framed my dad finally got all of the cabinets doors finished and installed on the trailer.  We used the tin that we got for the ceiling and made door frames of cedar.   The turned out really nice and match the rustic theme we are shooting for.

While we were in Winnie we racked in the freebies, in addition to the free tin that we got from Gulfway Lumber one of my dad's friend who also happens to be his neighbor owns a construction company and gave us a corian countertop that he had laying around to use.  Overall it has been a successful few days with the trailer in Winnie, and with all the generosity of the folks there it makes it tough to bring it back to Houston, who knows what else we could have come across if we keep in there.  Here is a few good pictures that show the countertop and the cabinets.



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