Friday, March 27, 2009

Awning is Cut and Bar Started

We finally got the awning cut out of the side of the trailer, and all of the structural support we added to the trailer seemed to do the trick as nothing seemed to flex or bow. After everything that we learned building the side door the awning went pretty smooth. Here a few pictures:

As you can see it is pretty good size. I think it comes in at just shy of 11' long. After we got it cut and hung we started to work on the bar. Eric is making sure we get a good mark on the corian top we are using so it will fit before gluing. I was surprised he was able to get out once he got in.

Gives and idea of how deep the bar will be. The box on the left is a keg box on casters that will roll out from inside a cabinet and hold two fulls kegs.

Starting to make more and more progress, our deadline for Chilifest is fast approaching.


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