Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finally an Update

Well after Chilifest came and went the motivation level for working on the trailer went down the tubes. Blake and Richy put in several long/all-night work sessions getting it in working order prior to Chilifest while Eric and myself were offshore in the Gulf and of course Sean being in London couldn't really help them either. After several months of inactivity we realized that football season was very rapidly approaching and we had fallen way behind out target schedule. So we moved the trailer into my dad's fully outfitted barn/shop he just had built and got back to work.

Since the last time we had worked on the trailer summer in Texas had arrived so first on the list was to get the air conditioner hooked up and working! We had to build a vent and put in a register to make sure the air was headed in the right direction.

Once that was done we had to install a few more hinges and the closing mechanism for the awning to make sure it was sealing tight.

After the awning was in working order we trimmed the inside of the awning in tin and cedar and installed the beer towers for the keg system we have. We plan on having two kegs for all the tailgating events and are always looking for ways to help make that happen....

We have the trailer wired up for two TVs to hook up to Dish Network with one planned to be facing out for people hanging outside of the trailer and one for everybody inside the trailer. We found some TV mounts that should work for us and got them installed. I brought a TV from home to test it out on, and will more than likely serve as one of the TVs at the games. Here is the one facing out.

Here is the TV mount for the inside of the trailer.

The next thing up was to install the speakers and audio equipment. Again we pre-wired the trailer to have speakers in the awning as well as inside the trailer to listen to music or help out while watching some football. Here is a picture of the speakers on the awning.

Here is a picture of one of the speakers inside the trailer.

The work will continue from now until the football season finally gets here. Come check us out in the "High Occupancy Vehicle" Lot 70 before the game on September 5th and then head in to watch A&M BTHO New Mexico.



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