Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BTHO New Mexico

After well over a year of planning and some work the Aggie Wagon finally made it's first appearance at an A&M football game. As usual we were working until the last minute and hauled the trailer up to the parking lot at 11:30pm on Friday night. After a few celebratory beers and a little bit of sleep we made a few laps around College Station to get supplies and started to set up.

By this point we had the margarita machine and the kegs ready to go, beginnings of success.....

Blake and Richy decided to take a test drive of the almost frozen margaritas.

At the peak we had around 40 people show up and probably closer to 60 come and go before it was all said and done.

At the end we went through two full kegs of beer and 10 gallons of frozen margaritas. All in all it was a very successful opening to our tailgating adventure and we hope to see you out there for A&M to BTHO Utah State!


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